About Lance


Lance Orndorff’s academic and career life is a model of what can go right in the life of a traditional “at-risk” student. After dropping out of school due to “boredom” in the 11th grade, Lance began a small business and eventually joined US military service. During his duties in the United States Navy, Lance earned his GED. With that GED, he began attending college in 1984 and did so continuously until 1997.

He earned his Bachelor’s of Science in Business from Averett University in 1989, then went on to earn his Master of Science in Education at Old Dominion University in 1991. Following his Master’s studies, Lance continued on and earned his Ph.D. candidacy in 1995. After his university studies, he served in the Technology Sector as an information security (INFOSEC) products manager.

Beginning in 2003, Lance began his service in the non-profit sector and has for more than a decade served as the Executive Director of the Veteran Resource Network, Inc, a veterans services organization. In addition, Lance serves as a Family Mediation specialist, providing mediation and counseling services to families, students, military veterans, and business teams.

As an Education author and presenter, Lance now provides dynamic presentations to students, parents, and others that proves to transform the way in which all views the academic and career pathway.