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Speaking & Coaching Focus: Personal Transformation & Academic Empowerment

Can we do more? Are we in control of the outcome of our academic lives? Why has this happened to me? Will my efforts make a difference? These questions and others lie at the core of Lance’s transformational teachings that lead success seekers in new directions and greater success.

Lance’s ultimate objective is to enhance the sense of self-directed destiny and personal empowerment of the student, audience, or guests, by challenging them to rethink their place in the academic scheme. Further, Lance proposes and enforces a paradigm shift where an individual’s partnership with their mentors is a more active role in the architecture of their academic destiny, rather than a passive participant.

Academic Control & Determination

In person, in groups, or via seminar, Lance is successful in setting the stage that unleashes personal academic progress and productivity that results in a resiliency that skyrockets.

For individuals, this enforces personal academic responsibility and outcomes. For leadership and groups, it flattens the responsibility for outcomes infrastructure and makes each as great a part as the whole. This is true personal accountability and a leveraging of the mentor experience.


Why does you or your audience need this presentation?

Because once they learn the out-of-the-box strategies that Lance presents, their academic practice and process will forever be changed in a way that will give them the edge they require in today’s global academic and employment market. And they will walk away from the presentation with new mentor-attracting/engaging skills that transforms their academic experience.


Who Benefits?

  • Students from 9th grade through Juniors in college.
  • Parents
  • Academic support technicians
  • Faculty
  • Administrators
  • Mentors
  • Volunteers

Book Lance today for personal coaching, lectures, or your association event, and you’ll be asking him back again year after year.


There Is No Denying That A Coach Can Make The Difference


Academic coaching has the potential to change the trajectory of academic success, or at the very least, provide students and parents wth an information and skills advantage.

Lance engages in coaching individually, in groups, and through public presentations. Lance places a focus on developing the skills that place the student and student support team in a unique position to “do it differently.” This difference in approach brings the student outside the cattle call and positions them for success, often merely by the difference.

Those wishing to engage in coaching should contact Lance directly at or by calling (888) 716-4196.